I would highly recommend Rosemary for all genealogy work.  She did our family tree for my Dad’s 80th birthday and it was fascinating to see the information that she found out and the breadth of the UK that the family covered.  She kept us regularly informed and the final presentation pack was fabulous and Dad was overjoyed.

AM, Monmouthshire

It was when I said that all my family came from Oxford that a look of disbelief crossed her face and it was not too long before my family history back to 1660 was revealed.  I cannot thank Rosemary enough for her diligent delving that took me back to my 8-times Great Grandfather in the Northampton area – with a lot of other places involved as well!  I and my family are most grateful for all of Rosemary’s dedicated research which has thrown light on relatives and ancestors previously unknown to us.

RE, Essex

A chance enquiry led us into a fascinating study of my family.  Rosemary’s research made mincemeat of the amateur attempts we had previously made.  She demonstrated thoughtful and accurate research and uncovered detail previously unknown to us.  My wife was prompted to repeat the exercise and was delighted to find how Welsh she really was. I strongly recommend Rosemary for any form of genealogical research, especially of a family’s military history.

WTH, Dorset