Research Services

Every family has a unique story and I can research that story for you. I will provide you with a report which is specific to your family and your requirements.

It is usually possible to trace a family back to the early nineteenth century through civil records (birth, marriage and death and census records) utilising on-line resources. Further discoveries, which may take your family story further back in time, might be made by visiting archives on your behalf. There will be some questions which cannot be answered – this too is part of your family story and needs to be recorded. The story of your family forms part of the wider story of the community in which they lived and may help describe the opportunities and challenges which your ancestors may have experienced.

There is a possibility that researching your family might uncover information which you may find difficult to come to terms with. Accepting uncomfortable truths can be difficult, but coming to an understanding of facts which may have been hidden can often help you interpret vague and mysterious stories you may have heard. It can also shed light on opinions and attitudes which you may have found inexplicable. 

Are you stuck with your own research?  Would you like my help to review your current information or investigate a specific question?